KSA blocks a well known Islamic website ‘islamqa.com’

It seems like the Communication and Information Technology Commission  in Saudi Arabia have no mercy for Islamic sites lately.
After blocking two Islamic blogs (benaa.com, lojainiat.com*) and an Islamic portal (islamlight.net) in march. Today the commission is blocking a well known web site of Islam Question and Answer (islamqa.com). The website which is under Scholar Muhammad Saleh Al-Munajid supervision and contains his Fatawa is a well known Islamic site around the world which has contents in around 10 languages. The web site might be blocked according to a  recent royal decree to forbid fatwa from unauthorized people.
The blocking raised many question on Saudi blogs about the double standards CITC is using.

Some people wonder as there is many anti-Islam, anti-religion and sexual content on the web that still open. Some comments questioned allowing Youtube.com and blocking such Islamic web site. the CITC place a blocking on some Youtube.com per video content and by using tag system  which leaves many sexual content open for the public and there is  less moderation on other video sharing sites. Other comments stated that Sheikh Muhammad Saleh should get the permission to issue fatwa as he is well respected and a knowledgeable person which was taught by Imam Ibn-Baz and got his support to be imam and orator.

It was reported lately that CITC has stopped SMS service “Jawal Zad” the sheikh own which sends Islamic messages to subscribers over SMS.

When the Islamlight.net web site was blocked Shickh Muhammad Al-Habdan the website supervisor wondered how dare they block our site which is conservative and leave web sites like “elaph.com” and “alwatan.com.sa” even thought it’s attacking Sharia (Islam Law and way of life)

AlRiyadh news paper have reported in 01/09/2010 that the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia said, the implementation of this decree will  be declared after Eid (1th of Shawal Hijri month) which is 10-11/09/2010. That makes CITC  decision a hasty one.


* lojainiat.com/ was opened months later, the web site claim to have a connection with Saudi Prince Khaled Ben Talal

Reprot by: Muhammad Ben Riyadh

26/09/1431 Hijri


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