Saudi Arabia MCI to close Islamic channel ‘Al-Osra’

Osra (EN:family) Islamic channel is now closed. The supervisor Muhammad Ben Abdu-Allah Al-Habdan have released a statement saying that the closing was ordered by MCI and then discussed with them but without any success.

The channel is known for broadcasting religious programs discussing Islamic matters and Muslim family affairs with some Fatwa programs, hosting scholars which follow salaf as-salih “righteous predecessors” way.

The closing news have spread across Saudi blogs and it comes into shocking to many of people as it just follows the  closing of a well known Islamic website ‘’ .one of the most asked question was, why blocking such a channel and allowing all those channels that does not follow Islam rules. reffering to the huge mass of Arabic media that contain many anti-Islamic, sexual,  or Sharia-forbidden content, some of them are even owned by Saudis (MBC group for example)

Sabaq on-line newspaper stated that the blocking caused by channel continuing to broadcast Yas’alonak (Asking you) Fatwa program in a violation to the royal decree.

Sheik Muhammad Al-Habdan is aslo the supervisor of the website that have been blocked earlier this year. he is known for taking a strong stand against secular and other anti-Salafi anti-Islamic groups. he is also known as a strong defender of the Kingdom Islamic origin and culture. many articles was released on his website in response to secular media trying to promote and justify women and men mixing in work and study places.



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