What About Muslims Freedom of Speech

Free Speech has a lot of fans in the world. Do you believe in speech freedom? What about the speech that you might not like? Would you accept it?

What if a Muslim wanted to defend the death penalty for killer or even thief’s  hand cut off? Is there a room for that? What if Muslims wanted to apply the Islamic penalty of death on homosexuality? Tell me your opinion.

Why media makes all this noise when a country try to apply Islamic rules on adulteress or place punishment on some sinners. Are they trying to limit our freedom by making us look really bad in front of the world by making our acts look as ugly as they can? Do we still have the same amount of free speech after media attacks or will we always be afraid of them.

I will tell you the truth about my believe in free speech. I don’t really believe that every one should be left to say what ever he wants, or to call for what ever he think. Why?
Some people call under-informed people to believe in false things or to do bad things. Those should be blocked as they deceive others . I believe that every one should be free to call for righteous things if Islam defines it as righteous. Simply we believe in Heaven and Hell and we should prevent people from calling to Hell.

But, you, free-speech supporter. Do you follow your rules when it comes to our speech? or because we do not allow the amount of free speech you allow, we should not have much?

Please tell me your thoughts. I’ve enabled comment rating so if you find similar thought you can rate the comment, in cases you don’t want to write new one.


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