Human Rights Watch Insist on Saudi Arabia Westernization

In the Name of Allah,

The last report “Looser Rein, Uncertain Gain” about Five Years of King Abdullah’s Reforms in Saudi Arabia, showed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a dark age country ruled by unacceptable sharia law.

HRW criticized existence of “arbitrary red lines” on challenging sharia. It says “Challenging the religious ideology underpinning the kingdom’s identity remains taboo, as does criticizing named officials,
especially princes.

HRW though it welcomed the reformation done in the last 5 years, mostly in  women’s rights, freedom of expression, judicial fairness, and religious tolerance, but it was not satisfied. It called for more firm institutional reforms that should last longer or the king successors may tread more conservative paths.

HRW could not be more obvious on calling to stop working by sharia low as it says about juridical system, “1000-year-old interpretations of un-codified Islamic law”. Do they want Muslims to throw their religion laws and follow the United Nations ones?

The report could be found here:


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