Human Rights Watch Insist on Saudi Arabia Westernization

In the Name of Allah,

The last report “Looser Rein, Uncertain Gain” about Five Years of King Abdullah’s Reforms in Saudi Arabia, showed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a dark age country ruled by unacceptable sharia law.

HRW criticized existence of “arbitrary red lines” on challenging sharia. It says “Challenging the religious ideology underpinning the kingdom’s identity remains taboo, as does criticizing named officials,
especially princes.

HRW though it welcomed the reformation done in the last 5 years, mostly in  women’s rights, freedom of expression, judicial fairness, and religious tolerance, but it was not satisfied. It called for more firm institutional reforms that should last longer or the king successors may tread more conservative paths.

HRW could not be more obvious on calling to stop working by sharia low as it says about juridical system, “1000-year-old interpretations of un-codified Islamic law”. Do they want Muslims to throw their religion laws and follow the United Nations ones?

The report could be found here:

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What About Muslims Freedom of Speech

Free Speech has a lot of fans in the world. Do you believe in speech freedom? What about the speech that you might not like? Would you accept it?

What if a Muslim wanted to defend the death penalty for killer or even thief’s  hand cut off? Is there a room for that? What if Muslims wanted to apply the Islamic penalty of death on homosexuality? Tell me your opinion.

Why media makes all this noise when a country try to apply Islamic rules on adulteress or place punishment on some sinners. Are they trying to limit our freedom by making us look really bad in front of the world by making our acts look as ugly as they can? Do we still have the same amount of free speech after media attacks or will we always be afraid of them.

I will tell you the truth about my believe in free speech. I don’t really believe that every one should be left to say what ever he wants, or to call for what ever he think. Why?
Some people call under-informed people to believe in false things or to do bad things. Those should be blocked as they deceive others . I believe that every one should be free to call for righteous things if Islam defines it as righteous. Simply we believe in Heaven and Hell and we should prevent people from calling to Hell.

But, you, free-speech supporter. Do you follow your rules when it comes to our speech? or because we do not allow the amount of free speech you allow, we should not have much?

Please tell me your thoughts. I’ve enabled comment rating so if you find similar thought you can rate the comment, in cases you don’t want to write new one.

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Saudi CITC Blocks IslamWay Website

Blocked page in Saudi Arabia

Just before Eid, Saudi Communication and Information Technology Commission have blocked website. Again what most people think is it’s because of the royal decree to block unauthorized fatwa. But yet, there is nothing official. The English section of the website is still available to visitors inside KSA.

The website is one of the biggest Islamic websites in the Arabic world. It has a large variant of Islamic content including a section for fatwa. is one of many Islamic sites that have been blocked recently by the Saudi CITC like Islam Question and Answers.

The governor of CITC is Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Jaafari, was a member of Saudi Shura Council (Majlis Ash-Shura). He  got his bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. degrees from U.S. universities.


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Saudi Arabia MCI to close Islamic channel ‘Al-Osra’

Osra (EN:family) Islamic channel is now closed. The supervisor Muhammad Ben Abdu-Allah Al-Habdan have released a statement saying that the closing was ordered by MCI and then discussed with them but without any success.

The channel is known for broadcasting religious programs discussing Islamic matters and Muslim family affairs with some Fatwa programs, hosting scholars which follow salaf as-salih “righteous predecessors” way.

The closing news have spread across Saudi blogs and it comes into shocking to many of people as it just follows the  closing of a well known Islamic website ‘’ .one of the most asked question was, why blocking such a channel and allowing all those channels that does not follow Islam rules. reffering to the huge mass of Arabic media that contain many anti-Islamic, sexual,  or Sharia-forbidden content, some of them are even owned by Saudis (MBC group for example)

Sabaq on-line newspaper stated that the blocking caused by channel continuing to broadcast Yas’alonak (Asking you) Fatwa program in a violation to the royal decree.

Sheik Muhammad Al-Habdan is aslo the supervisor of the website that have been blocked earlier this year. he is known for taking a strong stand against secular and other anti-Salafi anti-Islamic groups. he is also known as a strong defender of the Kingdom Islamic origin and culture. many articles was released on his website in response to secular media trying to promote and justify women and men mixing in work and study places.


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Al-Osrah Channel Closing Statment from the Supervisor

Muhammad Ben Abdu-Allah Al-Habdan stated on dated 7/9/2010:

We received a letter from the Under-secretary of the Ministry of Information  for engineering affairs the supervisor of organization of audio-visual media under number: 13539 dated 22/9/1431 (Hijri)(2/9/2010) including a request to stop the live broadcasting. For the reason of channel working with a license that have been cancelled after it was given, because it was build upon incorrect information. We met with his excellency at his office and proved that what came in his letter was based on inaccurate informations, Therefore the channel registration is still valid, but his excellency called later and asked to close the channel without stating any reason.

You can find more about the closing here: Saudi Arabia MCI to close Islamic channel ‘Al-Osra’


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KSA blocks a well known Islamic website ‘’

It seems like the Communication and Information Technology Commission  in Saudi Arabia have no mercy for Islamic sites lately.
After blocking two Islamic blogs (,*) and an Islamic portal ( in march. Today the commission is blocking a well known web site of Islam Question and Answer ( The website which is under Scholar Muhammad Saleh Al-Munajid supervision and contains his Fatawa is a well known Islamic site around the world which has contents in around 10 languages. The web site might be blocked according to a  recent royal decree to forbid fatwa from unauthorized people.
The blocking raised many question on Saudi blogs about the double standards CITC is using.

Some people wonder as there is many anti-Islam, anti-religion and sexual content on the web that still open. Some comments questioned allowing and blocking such Islamic web site. the CITC place a blocking on some per video content and by using tag system  which leaves many sexual content open for the public and there is  less moderation on other video sharing sites. Other comments stated that Sheikh Muhammad Saleh should get the permission to issue fatwa as he is well respected and a knowledgeable person which was taught by Imam Ibn-Baz and got his support to be imam and orator.

It was reported lately that CITC has stopped SMS service “Jawal Zad” the sheikh own which sends Islamic messages to subscribers over SMS.

When the web site was blocked Shickh Muhammad Al-Habdan the website supervisor wondered how dare they block our site which is conservative and leave web sites like “” and “” even thought it’s attacking Sharia (Islam Law and way of life)

AlRiyadh news paper have reported in 01/09/2010 that the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia said, the implementation of this decree will  be declared after Eid (1th of Shawal Hijri month) which is 10-11/09/2010. That makes CITC  decision a hasty one.


* was opened months later, the web site claim to have a connection with Saudi Prince Khaled Ben Talal

Reprot by: Muhammad Ben Riyadh

26/09/1431 Hijri

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الموقف من أمور ومحرمات مشتبهه وحال الداعي للحق مع الناس

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته،

الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على عبده ورسوله محمد، أما بعد،

فكثيرا ما ترى جدالا فقهيا حول بعض الامور التي يدعي كثير من الناس أن فيها سعة وأن من يمنع منها إنما يشدد ويضيق على الناس ومن أمثال ذلك،

مسألة طول ثياب المسلم فهل يسمح باسدالها أخفض من الكعبين أم لا، وماذا عن الوصول للكعبين تماما، أم انه يجب أن تكون فوق الكعبين حتما وقد ورد في الباب عدة أحاديث يمكن لمن يريد الوصول لها البحث في كتاب اللباس في أي كتب السنة شاء. لكن لم يوصف من يوجب رفع الثياب عن الكعبين بالتشدد أو تحميل الناس مالا يطيقون؟ هل يظن الناعتون أنه أراد التدخل في حياتهم وقصر حرياتهم وتنفيذ هوى نفسه؟ أم انه استمع قول رسول الله (صلى الله عليه) وأحب أن يرى تعظيم الناس لأمره والبعد عن تحذيره وذمه؟ اليس أهون الأمرين عليه أن يقول بحله وأن يساير الناس ويأخذ بأيسر الأقوال ويوفر على نفسه النهي عن المنكر وشقاق الناس. فهو لم ينصب نفسه لعدائكم ولم يتكلم ليعكر عليكم معاشكم.

قس على ذلك كثير من المسائل والتي يصبح فيها من يأمر بالمعروف وينهى عن المنكر على علم وبصيرة داعية للتشدد ومضيقا على عباد الله وإنما هو يأمرهم بأمر الله لما فيه خيرهم وإن لم يكن أمر من الأمور محرما فتركه لا شك إن ذم أو ترك في الشرع أولى

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من هو المتشدد

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

تختلف آراء الناس في التشدد والتطرف من شخص لآخر ومن قوم إلى أقوام أخرى وبلغ ذلك مبلغا عظيما


فمثلا يعتبر بعض الناس المرأة المخمرة رأسها متشددة وأنها تتبع فهما متشددا للدين، وتجد هذه المرأة المخمرة نفسها تعتبر المنقبة متشددة وأنها هي المعتدلة بينما المنقبة متشددة، المنقبة قد ترى المرأة التي تلبس العباءة (نوع من الجلباب) وتضعها على رأسها إلى أسفل قدميها بأنه متشددة، بل قد يصل الأمر في بعض المجتمعات إلى وصف المرأة التي تخالفهم في الملبس وتلبس اللباس العريض الواسع دون تغطية الرأس بالمتشددة

قرأت لبعض الغربين بأن بعض المسلمين المتعدلين لا يمنعون اللواط!!

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أقوى سلاح في العالم بيد العرب، ويمكرون ويمكر الله والله خير الماكرين

ترسانة أمريكا وروسيا والصين و الهند وعدتها وعتادها، نوويها و كيميائيها و جرثوميها، لا يساوي شيئا عند الله ولا تعجزه

على كل مسلم أن يؤمن بذلك وإلا فمن قهر فارس والروم والتتار. اليسوا العرب الحفاة العراة رعاة البقر والأغنام، كسروا شوكة أعظم دولتين في العالم

فلا تقلق أخي المسلم من أجهزة الاستخبارات والأقمار الصناعية وأدوات التنصت فكل مافي الكون يجري بأمر الله ولن يستطيعوا أبدا أن يعملوا شيئا مما أرادوا إلا أن يأذن الله

فكن مع الله

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حقوق الإنسان ضد حقوق المسلم

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على عبد ورسوله محمد، أما بعد:

فكثيرا ما تخرج منظمات حقوق الإنسان مثل منظمة مراقبة حقوق الإنسان Human Rights Watch و منظمة العفو الدولية Amnesty بتقارير تتناول انتهاكات حقوق الإنسان ويهمنا هنا، حرية التعبير والحرية الدينية وحقوق المرأة

لاشك إن كانوا يقصدون بحرية التعبير أن كل شخص يمكنه أن يدعو لما يشاء وأن يقول مايشاء فهذا شر واضح فذلك يعني أنه يمكن للكافر أن يدعو للكفر وللضال أن يدعو للضلال وللمبتدع أن يدعوه لبدعته والشرع لا يسمح بالكفر والإبتداع والضلال والحرية إنما تكون في قول الحق  الذي ضبطته الشريعة وليس قول ما يخالفه

الحرية الدينية ليست بأفضل من سابقتها فمن معانيها السماح لأي شخص بتغيير دينه ورسولنا يقول من بدل دينه فأقتلوه (عن ابن عباس رضي الله عنهما – صحيح البخاري)

حقوق المرأة وهذه إحدى مطياتهم لإفساد المجتمع والمشاهد لما يحدث في الغرب يرى نتيجة افسادهم بخروج المرأة من بيتها وإرهاقها بهموم الحياة وإضاعة الأولاد وتعريض الرقيقة الحنون للفتن وأهل المجون وتحويلها من سكن إلى أرق وهم وتحويلها من عفيفة غافلة إلى زانية فاجر فيجب الحذر ألف مرة من كل ما يأتي من جهتهم عن المرأة فهم ليسوا بأهل لصيانتها ورعايتها

وعدى ذلك من أقوالهم الكثير فهم من أنصار اللواط والسحاق وتعطيل قوانين الشريعة كالحدود والأمر بالمعروف والنهي عن المنكر

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

الحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على عبد ورسوله محمد، أما بعد:

فكثيرا ما تخرج منظمات حقوق الإنسان مثل منظمة مراقبة حقوق الإنسان Human Rights Watch و منظمة العفو الدولية Amnesty بتقارير تتناول انتهاكات حقوق الإنسان ويهمنا هنا

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